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Everything we do we believe smart way is the only way to solve problems together. We work with startups and we digitally transform large organizations that lack startup thinking. As an experienced technology partner, our goal is to be a long-term travel companion supporting businesses in the rapidly-evolving and complex world.

The Technology team is responsible for product and software development. We have offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Łódź, Poland, with Łódź being our primary development site.

End-to-end digital product development

Working with entrepreneurs and startup founders, we leverage technology in order to build digital products. Our objectives include verifying hypotheses, building concept mockups/demos, working prototypes, as well as bringing products to market. We form cross-functional teams that take ideas and turn them into working solutions. We realize that process frameworks and work methodologies are not one-size-fits-all solutions, so we choose the way of working depending on the context and organizational maturity.

Dedicated development teams

Whether it’s creating a startup or growing a mature business, additional development capacity can make all the difference. We are experts in building teams that know how to build software. Based on your needs and requirements, we establish one or more autonomous development teams that consist of specialists with the right mix of skills (software engineering, product management, UX and UI design), experience and seniority.

Digital lab

Larger enterprises benefit from working with a smaller team to achieve innovation at startup speed. Our experience spans from performing business analyses and audits to being tasked with researching and identifying the right technologies, market and user needs, as well as product capabilities. We know how to build a relatively small, lean and fast moving organization with a startup mentality that implements a continuous process of experimenting with products and services to initiate and accelerate the necessary changes that lead to business growth.
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