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Regardless of whether you have a limited marketing budget or vast resources, we see it as our mission to ensure our initiatives create the results you want. Our definition of a successful campaign is one that exceeds our clients’ expectations, both in terms of measurable sales and positive long-term brand impacts. We believe that tomorrow’s winners are the companies communicating most effectively with today’s customers while busy laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s customers.
We are more
than traditional
In addition to a traditional full-service media agency, via our sister agency Fusion we provide our very own trading desk, where all decisions are data-driven. In many cases, we believe behavioural data is a better reflection of visitor motivation than demographic data alone. So we always challenge demographic data with behavioural data. We ensure a high reach in the target audience by activating third-party data, where we always evaluate the effect of the purchases we make and optimise in real-time, with all decisions driven by data – not emotion. We use data-driven decisions and results to reach your specific visitor with a relevant message at the right time. By activating the data collected from your website, we store valuable information that gives you access to new target audiences and behavioural data to use for your future campaigns.
An outline of
our process
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Everything we do is based on insights into and analyses of target audiences, media and client journeys. The tiniest mistake at the outset may have disastrous consequences for the outcome. This is why the members of our insight department are the stars at DNA.
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With a verified target audience and clearly expressed targets, we set an overall strategy, with tactical initiatives designed to deliver short-term and long-term results.
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We know that media investments involve significant expenditure for our clients. This is why our experienced and talented purchasers are dedicated to ensuring DNA’s clients get more bang for their buck, giving them a massive advantage over their competitors.
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Today's changing media landscape places greater demands on us as advisors and partners to continuously optimise our clients' ongoing campaigns to ensure maximum impact.
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Every completed media initiative is scrutinised, followed up and analysed, as a means of upping our game for the next campaign.
Our digital offer is based on these six bullets
to optimise your digital marketing spend
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Data collection
We collect data from your website, segment it and create look-alike models. Then we activate relevant data for the campaign.
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Aim of the campaign
The aim and purpose of the campaign is formulated: performance or brand awareness, and which tactic to apply to achieve the best result.
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Which type of media
All media is being digitised and will eventually be automated. We purchase all types of media, including display, print, Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and Online Video (OLV)
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Measuring points
We help you to add meta tags to your website to ensure relevant data collection.
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Real-time optimisation
We LOVE optimisation and we do it diligently in all campaigns, 24/7.
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Data analysis
We work continually with ongoing analyses as a means of improving the result during a campaign. At the end of a campaign, we evaluate the result and impact with you, in order to constantly improve and develop in preparation for the next activity.
So why
Digital New Agency?
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do you need help with
creative concepts?
All the pieces of the puzzle need to be in place to be able to reach out with a message. We help you to develop creative concepts for your brand – from scratch or for a specific campaign. Always focused on your target audience.
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