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They say the world has never evolved as quickly as it’s doing right now. Yet they predict that never again will it evolve develop as slowly as it’s doing right now. This intrigues us. And it’s even more interesting to figure out how this will affect our world as we know it today. New companies, products and services pop up just as quickly as old ones vanish. The businesses hanging in there, developing and growing stronger all have one thing in common – INNOVATION.
is there a place for you
in the future?
Modern and innovative companies need the ability to focus on this month’s sales and simultaneously develop tomorrow’s products and services. While dealing with the issues of today, they need to be gearing up to handle the challenges of tomorrow.
so ... what should
you do?
At Digital New Agency we put more faith in our abilities than in fate. We know that successful companies create their own success, and that luck and timing rely more on skill than pure chance. We also know there’s a formula for success, and the constants are measurability and structure. Innovation has a natural connection to sales and other parts of the business. Successful innovation demands hard work and, just like other parts of the business, it needs measurable targets and structured work.
As your exclusive partner in the media industry, Digital New Agency provides the tools and methods from Innovation 360 – read more on https://innovation360.com/. With the Innosurvey measuring tool, the Ideation360 ideas platform and accredited innovation consultants, we transform your company into the innovative industry leader we hope you want to be.
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We use the very latest tools and the world’s largest innovation database as a source for measuring the innovative abilities and innovative power in your company.
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Once we get an accurate feel for the company, we can also pinpoint the aspects to improve and develop.
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Our accredited consultants will propose actions on the basis of specific aims. We track and act as catalysts for the innovation work carried out by our clients.
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Measure your own InnovationIQ against the best companies in your industry and the best companies in the world. Read more here: http://innovation-iq.org/
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Generating ideas
Digitise the way you collect and evaluate ideas with the Ideation 360 idea platform to harness the innovative power in all companies. From multinationals to domestic firms.
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